What's next after vetting your idea/concept?

The JAX Chamber Entrepreneurial Growth Division offers the general public an opportunity to "vet their idea" online and obtain feedback. It is a great way to obtain direction and support as an entrepreneur. This is an entry point into many of our programs where we focus on entrepreneurial support and feedback.


What's next?

Small Business Center at the JAX Chamber (Contact Shirley Moore- 904-366-6618)

  1. Achieve Your Business Dream: 4-Part workshop series provided quarterly (2017)
  2. Monthly orientation sessions for startups, early stage businesses, and those new to entrepreneurial ecosystem of Northeast Florida.
  3. Various workshops

JAX Bridges

  1. Portfolio Program: Opportunities to develop a portfolio that includes value propositions, customer personas, and obtaining feedback. Contact Ashlea Justice for inquiries: 904-366-6623
  2. Full Program: Portfolio Program plus detailed opportunities to work on your business model, pitching techniques & opportunities, and constructing a capability statement. Contact Evone Pina for inquiries: 904-366-6655
    1. About JAX Bridges
    2. Frequently Asked Questions
    3. Program Overview

Jacksonville Women's Business Center

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