How do I transition from entrepreneurship to enterprise?

Once small business owners have reached a level of sustainability in terms of revenue generation and personnel, more disciplined business practices are needed in order to grow. The biggest component is the evolution of the small business from an entrepreneurial venture to an enterprise. Typically the entrepreneurial venture hinges on the attributes of the entrepreneur while the enterprise is more dependent on established business practices, systems, and structures. Some of the elements that support this transition are a part of our GrowJAX activities:
  • Constructing a quality Advisory Board.
  • Engage and participate in functions with other Stage 2 and Stage 3 leaders (i.e., CEO Forum/ CEO Roundtables).
  • Have a shift in mindset, counterbalance your strengths.
  • Increase accountability.
This process is critical to economic gardening, a major emphasis of the JAX Chamber. Contact Kathy Bolesworth (904-366-6633) or submit a request for opportunities to be a part of GrowJAX.
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