How does the chamber assist the Small Business Community?

The JAX Chamber contributes to the Small Business Community in the following ways:

JAX Chamber Area Councils: The Chamber Councils have served the greater Jacksonville area for more than 50 years. Each Council provides unique programs and activities to promote and improve the business and civic climates of their geographic areas.


Start-Up Community: StartUp Quest; Micro-Enterprise Development Program; Venue for One Spark; Past mentors for participants in KYN and Startup Weekend. 

Small Business Community: The JAX Chamber’s Entrepreneurial Growth Division provides mentoring, entrepreneurial education, consulting and networking opportunities to advance the success of entrepreneurs at every stage of business development. The Division’s Small Business Center, Women’s Business Center and GrowJAX Departments serve the seven-county area and each have unique services to drive business growth.

Innovate Northeast Florida: The JAX Chamber is actively working with resource partners and entrepreneurs throughout the region to impact entrepreneurship and innovation. Review our progress here.

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