Overview of JAX Chamber Entrepreneurial Growth Division




Carlton Robinson, Vice President, Entrepreneurial Growth Division or 904-366-6650

Ellen Sullivan, Interim Director, Jacksonville Women’s Business Center or 904-366-6640

Kathy Bolesworth, Manager, Entrepreneurial Growth & Chamber Foundation or 904-366-6633

Shirley Moore, Manager, Small Business Center or 904-366-6618

Evone Pina, Manager, Entrepreneurial Growth Divsion or 904-366-6655

Ashlea Justice, Coordinator, Entrepreneurial Growth Division or 904-366-6623

Jacksonville Women's Business Center

  1. Celebrated 10 program years (2013) in Northeast Florida.
  2. One of Three Women's Business Centers in the state of Florida supported by the SBA.

Small Business Center

  1. Celebrated 20 years of service to the Northeast Florida Community (2013)
  2. Certified Fasttrac Facilitators for New Venture and Growth Ventures
  3. Micro-enterprise Certification Program







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