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Session 1: Foundations for Your Business 

Discover the fundamentals for small business success

Start up, Business Structures, Customer Profile, Defining Your Product or Service

A proper foundation is important for the success of your small business. Examined are the different types of business structures (Sole Proprietor, LLC etc) and the professionals needed to help you start or grow your business. Discover who makes your business successful – your customer (target market) and how to determine who is best suited to utilize your product or service. Look forward to in class interactive exercises including developing your unique customer profile and creating your business identity.

Session 2: Business and Financial Basics 

Determine if your business will make money

Naming your Company, Logo, Tagline, Competition, Financial Basics, Business Networking

Learn how to create a memorable business name, and why a logo and tagline are important. Next discover why it is important to analyze your competition so you can create a thriving business. Then interact with us to create your basic financial picture to help answer the questions: “How much money do I need to start or grow my business?” “Am I charging enough for my product or service?” “Will my business make money?” The session ends with how business networking is critical to promoting and impacting your bottom line. Interactive class exercises include creating your tagline and predicting through financial calculations what it will cost to start or maintain your business.

Session 3: Marketing Strategies 

Learn successful, inexpensive ways to market your product or service

Buying Decisions, Building a Website, Low Cost Marketing Methods and Tools, Social Media

We let out the big secret: Who buys most products and services? – The answer may surprise you! Learn how to create a marketing message that maximizes its appeal to the markets you intend to serve. Did you know that you can create a website? – for free! We show you how. Costs to promote your business can be expensive – learn 10 different low cost methods and tools. We discuss how to use social media (Facebook etc) to promote and gain new customers. Learn how to price your product or service that satisfies your customer’s needs and your bottom line. Learn from examples, the rights and wrongs of marketing and advertising.

Session 4: Create Your Plan for Your Business 

Putting it all together to create a practical plan to start or grow your business

Create Elevator Speech, Business Plan Basics

This is our most interactive workshop. We start by helping you develop your “elevator pitch” – a 30-second speech that tells your customer, banker or neighbor quickly and effectively what your business is about. Then we pull together the first 3 sessions to help you begin to write out some of the detailed plans for your business. What is a business plan? – It is a tool that is a proposed course of action that shows how you plan to accomplish your goals. It is a vital document that helps with start up, managing and operating your business. It is a road map for success. Use your business plan to guide you or to obtain financing.

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